Northwestern University Louis Hall Sound Stage

  • Client: Northwestern University
  • Location: Evanston,IL
  • Size: 1,600 square feet
  • Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection Engineering, Low Voltage Technology

WMA provided ME/FP/IT and Security Systems design services to renovate the existing studio space at Northwestern University’s School of Communications into a high quality sound-stage for recording music and sound effects for film. The renovated space includes a large live tracking room to support a 14 to 18 piece orchestra and piano, a projection system for scoring film, an isolation booth with direct visual access to the tracking room, a control/mixing room for a recording technician with direct visual connection to the tracking room, and a second smaller isolation booth to serve as a vestibule (sound lock) entry to the control room and the tracking space.

The project also required major acoustic treatments, including major rework of the HVAC systems serving the space to reduce ambient noise. WMA’s designs included replacement of the existing air handling unit serving the space and new lined ductwork and sound attenuators.

Completed: 2016

Architect: Nagle Hartray Architects